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The first NATAS travel fairs was launched in 1987. By 1998, the consumer travel fairs were so popular that they became a biannual affair, giving rise to the present NATAS Travel and NATAS Holidays fairs.

Today, the biannual NATAS travel fairs have grown to be the largest of its kind in Singapore, featuring a unique one-stop-shop concept where not only outbound travel agents offer their products and services, but also cruise lines, airlines, hotels/resorts, National Tourism Organisations and travel-related companies.

NATAS travel fairs continue to remain popular with the Singaporean travelers and are known for providing the best travel deals and tour packages. To date, the biannual NATAS travel fairs have attracted more than 2.4 million visitors since 1987.

Recent travel fairs have also shown that the Singaporean travellers’ top destinations of choice remain unchanged: the evergreen destinations like Europe, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, all of which are featured in prominence at the NATAS fairs. In addition to these, Singaporeans are venturing off the beaten path to emerging destinations. The cruise sector has also been identified as an evolving market sector, alongside the growing popularity of FIT and custom itinerary packages.

NATAS believes its biannual fairs remain a relevant platform and stepping board from which the Singapore travellers can access the rest of the world and through which our travel agent members can effectively launch and promote their quality products and services.

NATAS remains committed to looking into ways to improve on and reinvent the fairs so as to appeal to more market segments.