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Standard Contract for Travel Agents

The Tripartite Standards are a set of good employment practices which defines the verifiable and actionable practices that employers can implement in their workplaces. The adoption of a Tripartite Standard allows organisations to differentiate themselves as progressive employers in particular areas.

To instil good employment practices for the travel industry, prevent payment disputes upstream and reduce the number of contractual disputes in future, the NATAS Inbound Committee together with representatives of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), NTUC Attractions, Resorts & Entertainment Union (AREU), Society of Tourist Guides Singapore (STGS) and Tour Guide Chapter (TGC) came together to explore the adoption of a standard contract in the area of Tour Agent / Tourist Guide (TG) Service Agreement.

A standard contract that meets MOM’s requirements for a standard contract for self-employed personnel (in accordance with Tripartite Standards) is now ready for travel agents’ usage! The key terms of the contract include names of contracting parties, parties’ obligations, payment amount and schedule, variation of terms and termination of contract. Further terms as agreed by all parties can be added in time to come.

Min viable standard contract for TG services.pdf