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*Membership Subscription:

Fee: SGD381.50 per year, GST inclusive

*Estimated Application Fees:

Application Date: ( Q2 )

Membership Fee ( Q2 ) SGD 286.12
Additional Membership Category SGD
Processing Fee SGD 272.50
Entrance Fee SGD 109.00
Urgent Processing Fee SGD 109.00
Estimated Membership Fee (Q2) * SGD (GST inclusive)

* Final membership fee will be determined by the date of approval. In the event applications are rejected, we will refund the full amount except the processing fees.

The following shall be our accredited representatives in the NATAS membership register.

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2nd Accredited Representative

HR Representative

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Please kindly provide the following supporting documents for your application:
1. Copy of ACRA/BizFile (Not later than six (6) months from date of application)
2. Copy of valid STB license
3. Brief Company Profile in word doc (not more than 100 words)
4. Detailed resume of Key Executive(s)
5. Copies of relevant Accreditation, e.g. IATA (optional)
6. Copy of National Accreditation Programme, e.g. Case Trust, ISO (optional)

We grant our consent to NATAS to collect, use and disclose my personal data for the purpose related to membership application to become a member of NATAS. We understand that our personal data will be used for other purposes that is related to this membership application, as such, we grant our consent to NATAS to collect, use and disclose my personal data for the necessary actions.

* We grant our consent to receive marketing materials, event updates and invitations from NATAS through emails, SMS, fax, calls etc.