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How can I be a member?
How often is NATAS fair held?
Am I eligible to participate in NATAS Travel Fair?
What are the booth sizes offered at the NATAS Travel Fair?
Is there priority booking for NATAS Travel Fair?
I am a Singapore Tourism Board Licensed Travel Agent but not a NATAS member. Can I participate in the NATAS Travel Fair?
I am a Foreign Travel Agent/ Foreign Tour operator. Can I participate in the NATAS Travel Fair?
I am a new exhibitor and unfamiliar with the SOP of the travel fair, will there be any guidelines provided by NATAS for me to refer?
Where can I find more information about the travel fair details?
How do I register as a NATAS Tour Leader?
What are the requirements to register for a NATAS Tour Leader Badge? Or – Is there a required course to apply for a tour leader badge?
What are the documents required for the NATAS Tour Leader Badge registration?
Is the NATAS Tour Leader badge considered a license?
How do I renew my tour leader badge?
Is it compulsory to sign the Memorandum of Undertaking (MOU) with NATAS if my company wishes to handle China Inbound group?