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Visit Jordan comes to Singapore

On 13 October this year, approximately 50 representatives from local travel agents had the opportunity to learn more about the Kingdom of Jordan during a networking event with members of the Jordon Tourism Board, as well as tour operators from the Middle Eastern country. The delegation was here as part of a 4 city stop over (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia) to promote Jordan to the Southeast Asian region.

TravNews managed to speak to Mr Nayef H. Al-Fayez, Managing Director of Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), in an exclusive interview. In the interview, Mr Al-Fayez mentioned that visitor arrivals from Singapore for Jordan are “modest but indicate high potential for growth”, with 4600 arrivals in 2010 compared to 2400 in 2009, an almost 92% increase. And from January to August this year, Jordan has seen 3000 arrivals from Singapore, compared to 2100 in the same period in 2010. He emphasized JTB’s commitment to the Asian region as a source market and how they have taken steps to meet the requirements of Asian travellers. One of the goals would be the raise visitor arrivals from Singapore so that the Royal Jordanian Airlines would see the value in starting direct flights from Singapore to Jordan.

When asked on how Jordan would appeal to Singapore visitors, Mr Al-Fayez replied that Jordan has “something of interest for everyone” – for example, Christian sites mentioned in the bible, sites related to Islamic faith and heritage sites, all rich in history and culture. He also pointed out that Jordan cuisine appeals to many nationalities, with hotels and restaurants catering for an international audience.

With recent events in the Middle East, there are probably some concerns regarding safety in travelling to Jordan. Mr Al-Fayez assured us that Jordan is “the Switzerland of the Middle East”, and emphasized the peaceful nature of the country and its people, stating that visitors to Jordan love the country and have an enjoyable time.

Another thing that travellers can look forward to is not something one would commonly expect: gold. In 2012, Jordan will be celebrating 200 years of Petra’s rediscovery, and every month an ounce of commemorative gold will be given away to a lucky visitor. At the end of the year, one very lucky individual will receive a pound of commemorative gold, and all you have to do is the stay at least 3 days during your trip to Jordan.


The full transcript of the interview can be found here.





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