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NATAS HRM Seminar 2014

As an extremely customer-centric industry, the travel sector is one that relies heavily on human capital. But with Singapore grappling with the manpower crunch, travel organisations need to know how they can identify, hire and groom the right people to lead the industry.

On 3 April 2014, NATAS organised its annual Human Resource Management (HRM) Seminar 2014 at ITE College Central to address those questions. With the theme ‘Succession Planning: Identifying and Preparing Future Leaders’, the event provided a platform for organisations to hear from various professionals, subject matter experts and industry veterans as they shared their insights, know-how and experience on hiring, retaining and grooming the right people. The seminar featured a line-up of high-profile speakers, including keynote speaker Mr Thomas Wai, Director, Asia-Pacific Office, Talent Plus; Ms Elly Tang, Business Development Consultant, Talent Plus; Dr Robin Yap, Non-executive Chairman, The Travel Corporation (2011) Pte Ltd; and Mr Hassan Bin Kassim, Manager of the Travel Agent Industry at the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Opening the event and setting the tone for the seminar was Ms Fiona Lim, Chairman of NATAS’ Manpower and Training Committee Board, who delivered the welcome address, giving an overview of the manpower issues the industry is facing and thanking the invited guests for their time. Mr Thomas Wai then took the stage to deliver his keynote speech, drawing from his experience as a human capital and leadership advisor to discuss the techniques organisations can use to identify successors within their business. Ms Elly Tang followed by dispensing secrets and tips on how to source for the right talent.

After a short break for refreshments, attendees were treated to an insightful talk by Dr Robin Yap, who shared his personal experience in talent retention and succession planning within his organisation. Mr Hassan then presented the available funding schemes that travel agencies can tap into for talent development.

As the seminar wound to a close, NATAS Accreditation certificates were given out to outstanding individuals and companies in recognition of their efforts and high quality of service.

All in all, it was an enriching and rewarding seminar for the participants.





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