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NATAS encourages travelers to protect their holiday

When preparing for any trip, always remember to purchase travel insurance for greater peace of mind! While mishaps are rare, they can happen, and in a multitude of ways: your flight could be delayed or cancelled, your luggage may be lost or you could fall ill. Don’t let a little mishap ruin your entire holiday! Travel insurance covers all these and more, and is highly recommended even for the shortest of trips!


“The value of travel insurance is often underestimated,” says Ms Patricia Auyeong, Acting CEO of NATAS, “It is easy to fall prey to the ‘it won’t happen to me’ mindset. Most travel insurance policies are in fact priced very affordably, and can give travelers reassurance each time they travel overseas.”


An example of how travel insurance could help you would be if you fall ill overseas. Travel insurance policies can reimburse you for medical fees incurred while overseas, and you can even call your insurance provider for advice on what to do next. In the event of a severe medical emergency, some insurance providers will even arrange for medical evacuation. 


The official travel insurance partner of the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) and one of the leading travel insurers in Singapore, AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd, provides a complete end-to-end service for travel insurance.


AIG’s Head of Travel Insurance & Related Services, Mr Ignatius Chng, said: “It is important for travellers to note that adequate protection for their planned travel should be arranged on finalising their trip.” According to Mr Chng, AIG saw steady growth in its travel insurance business over the past 5 years but believes that a significant percentage of travellers are still failing to obtain insurance for their trip.


“Five to ten years ago, there was less awareness of travel insurance and the importance of being adequately covered when travelling. But this has changed over the past 5 years as, AIG is seeing a shift in the type of travel insurance plans purchased. Our more comprehensive plans are recording 10% year on year growth. ” Mr Chng said.


When purchasing travel insurance, remember to read the terms and conditions thoroughly to ensure that the coverage offered is appropriate and sufficient.


It is also a common misconception that travel insurance only covers accidental death or more serious injuries incurred whilst overseas. As a matter of fact, travel insurance policies now provide coverage for other occurrences in which travel plans may be disrupted in some way, even small ones. Some examples of what travel insurance policies can cover are:


  • Delayed or cancelled flights
  • Lost bags/luggage
  • Stolen jewelry
  • Medical treatment or evacuation in the event of an accident
  • Postponement or cancellation of trip due to death or serious injury/sickness of immediate family members
  • Postponement or cancellation of trip due to natural disasters or the outbreak of epidemics/pandemics in the home or destination country.
  • Recovery of non-refundable expenses paid in advance in the event of insolvency of a licensed Singapore tour operator/travel agent






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