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Travel trends continue to take shape at NATAS Travel 2014

Singaporeans love to travel, and the biannual NATAS travel fairs prove this to be true every year! The NATAS travel fair continues to cater to Singaporeans’ strong demand for travel, and also makes 2 travel trends more apparent than ever before.


The recently-concluded show, which featured 1047 booths and 161 exhibitors, welcomed a total of 54,275 visitors over the 3 days. NATAS estimates the overall sales volume, based on numbers provided by exhibitors, at approximately $80 million. Figures shared by AIG Asia Pacific Insurance showed a 15% growth in travel insurance policies issued during the fair.


Ms. Patricia Auyeong, Acting CEO of NATAS, commented on the overall results of the fair, “One of the reasons for the dip in sales volume was due to the many pre-NATAS fairs held throughout the month of February, which helped to alleviate some of the local pent-up demand for travel. We understand from several of our members that their pre-NATAS fairs did exceptionally well – and in spite of this, NATAS Travel 2014 still showed a strong performance in both visitorship and sales volume, which speaks highly of its continued relevance to Singaporean travelers.”


Over the 2 fairs in 2013, NATAS observed 2 travel trends taking shape: firstly, that Singaporeans are increasingly looking towards cruise packages as a vacation option; and secondly, that Singaporeans are starting to look towards more exotic destinations to get their fill of travel. Preliminary results at NATAS Travel 2014 showed that these trends are continuing to take shape – with cruise packages breaking into the top 5 most popular destinations for visitors to NATAS Travel 2014 for the first time in NATAS travel fair history! Demand for exotic and long-haul destinations also increased, with Turkey pushing its way back into the top 10 list for the first time since 2009, taking the 10th place.


The top five most popular destinations for visitors to Travel 2014 were Europe, Japan, China, Korea, and cruise packages respectively, based on a survey of 2571 visitors who had purchased packages. Demand for Europe packages surged greatly, accounting for nearly 22% of all responses out of a total of 21 destinations indicated. The 2nd most popular destination, Japan, accounted for approximately 10.5% of all responses. Visitors showed an increased demand for more exotic destinations: in addition to Turkey, destinations such as South Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia also saw strong demand.


Ms. Auyeong offered her insights on the trends observed at the fair: “It is becoming very clear that Singaporeans have embraced cruises not only as a viable vacation option, but as one that is very attractive as well. With the entrance of new cruise operators and cruise options in Singapore, our members have been working hard to promote cruise packages to local travelers. And I think their efforts have paid off marvelously.” She added further insight on exotic destinations: “We previously predicted that long-haul and exotic destinations would continue to see a steady demand, and the results of NATAS 2014 show just that. Singaporeans want new, exciting and refreshing experiences, and they are not afraid to explore the off the beaten track to try out new experiences.”


The next NATAS travel fair, Holidays 2014, will be held from 29th to 31st August this year. 





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