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Exploring the power of technology at the NATAS IT Seminar

The travel industry is one that is in a state of flux – with new technologies and consumers who are becoming more Internet-savvy. With technology ever evolving, travel agents run the risk of falling behind and being swept aside as the world moves towards greater efficiency and wider adoption of Information Technology (IT) solutions.

On 25 July 2013, NATAS organised its annual IT Seminar at the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) auditorium, pulling in various professionals, experts and vendors to share their insights, know-how and solutions on harnessing the power of technology to stay ahead of change. With a focus on behavioral analytics and business intelligence, the seminar aimed to provide insights on using technology tools to support key business processes such as advertising, promotion and sales presentations.

STB opened the seminar with a presentation on the findings from recent study missions to USA and North Asia, sharing how travel companies in both regions have been leveraging technology to understand evolving customers, and adapting their products and services accordingly. Mr David Hardoon (Ernst & Young Advisory) then spoke on business analytics, explaining how it helps organisations understand their customers’ behavior and needs, which in turn allows for more targeted marketing strategies. Mr Paul Jansen (aSpecial Media) concurred, showcasing various business analytics solutions and how they can be used in online behavioral targeting to strengthen a company’s value proposition via advertisements.

Mr Loo Kian Wai (Diners World Travel) followed by highlighting the value-added business advantages of using business intelligence tools, sharing how his company leveraged on cloud capabilities to improve business processes. Other speakers from various vendors such as Mr Faraz Ahmed (PayPal Southeast Asia and India), Ms Joleen Nan (SoftBank Telecom Singapore), Mr Jeff Hong (InsourceAsia) and Mr Eryi Toh (Pytheas Infosys), provided further insights on various IT solutions that would help travel agents grow their businesses and upgrade their capabilities and efficiency.

Travel agents were also given the opportunity to network with the vendors outside of the seminar to find out more, which saw a very warm response from the participants. 





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