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Arabian Travel Market 2013

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Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2013

Date(s):           06 – 09 May 2013

Venue:             Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE


1.      Event Overview


a.       ATM is an annual event held in Dubai, UAE.

b.      As the largest professional travel mart in Middle East, ATM has drawn the attention/attendance of the tourism industry worldwide. Participants in ATM come from all sectors of the travel industry including international and domestic tourist organisations, travel agencies, hotels, airlines and related travel companies.

c.       Strict participation conditions and invitation procedures guarantees the quality of buyers, ensuring greatest benefit for participants at ATM.

d.      Professional trade days will be arranged exclusively for registered delegates to ensure maximum value and outcome of participation.

e.       The ATM Organising Committee will also invite a large number of correspondents of domestic and overseas media to cover the mart in an extensive way.


2.      Participation Fee

Participation fee for ATM 2013 ranges from S$4,900 - S$5,500 per organization payable to NATAS. Please refer to the sales mailer for registration details.

·         In the event of withdrawal/cancellation, this fee is non-refundable.

·         Each organization may register one delegate. Registrations of additional delegates are subject to approval and additional charges.


3.      Items included in Participation Fee


a.       Allocated meeting/exhibition space within the Singapore Pavilion at ATM 2013.

b.      Each allocated space, estimated to accommodate 1 person will be provided with table and chairs.

c.       The Organization name will be displayed at the booth.

d.      The Organization will be entitled to register for one delegate for each booth.

e.       NATAS will be in charge of the overall design and construction of the booths.

f.       The location of the booths within the Singapore Pavilion will be determined By Ballot.


4.      Organization’s Representative(s) is/are responsible for their:


a.       Travel to/from Dubai, UAE

b.      Accommodation

c.       Transfers

d.      Meals

e.       Insurance (delegates are responsible for their own liability and travel insurance)

f.       Shipment and delivery of brochures/display/promotional materials

g.       Incidental/personal/business expenses


5.      Tentative Tradeshow Schedule




06 May 2013 (Mon)

11:00 – 18:00

Business Day

07 May 2013 (Tues)

10:00 – 18:00

Business Day

08 May 2013 (Wed)

10:00 – 18:00

Business Day

09 May 2013 (Thurs)

10:00 – 17.00

Careers & Travel Agents Day


6.      Public Liability Insurance

Please note that NATAS DOES NOT:

·         Accept responsibility for any loss suffered by delegates or visitors

·         Provide or arrange for any insurance for, or on behalf of delegates or visitors

·         Provide any indemnity for loss or injury suffered by delegates or visitors

Participants are reminded that it is their responsibility to arrange insurance including public and product liability, workers compensation and property insurance.

7.      Registration Eligibility & Procedures


a.       Registration for participation under NATAS as ATM 2013 will be considered strictly upon submission of your registration form, on a first-come-first-served basis. The deadline for registration is 10 September 2012.

b.      Full payment is required by 10 October 2012. Successful registrants will then be informed by 31 October 2012. Please note that unless full payment is received by the stipulated deadline, NATAS reserves the right to withdraw the organization’s offer to register and participate at ATM under the NATAS Singapore pavilion.

c.       NATAS reserves the right to decide the final shortlist of participating organizations. A confirmation email will be sent to the successful organizations/participants.

d.      NATAS reserves the right to withdraw participation in ATM2013 should there be less than 16 participating companies under the Singapore Pavilion.

e.       Should you require any clarification or further details, please contact Ms Julia CHANG / Ms KONG Lee Chiu at or 65340187 ext 148/149 respectively.


8.      Double Tax Deduction (DTD) Scheme: Inbound Tourism Overseas Promotion Trips


a.       This scheme aims to encourage Singapore tourism companies to promote the provision of services for inbound tourism to Singapore through participation in STB-supported overseas trade fairs/missions.

b.      The DTD scheme allows approved companies to deduct against their taxable income, twice the eligible expenses incurred for participating in overseas fairs/missions.

c.       To qualify for DTD, a company should meet the following requirements:

·         Must be a resident company or has a permanent establishment in Singapore;

·         Currently not enjoying any tax relief under the Economic Expansion Incentives (Relief from Income Tax) Act;

·         Promoting Singapore services for inbound tourism.

d.      More information is available at



If you''re interested to register with us, please download the sales mailer and return the completed registration form to





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