The position of the Tour Leader is one of the most attractive and sought- after in the travel industry. Tour Leading is a high profile, glamorous job. It builds character and challenges one’s skills. A good Tour Leader entertains and manages people in ways that are fascinating, remarkable and exciting. He is the primary point of contact and an adviser to the group that he manages.

It is therefore essential that all Tour Leaders are well-equipped with the historical background, geography, current affairs for every destination and be updated on the various aspects of each destination especially when most tourists nowadays have traveled widely and are well informed.

An ideal Tour Leader is someone with an out-going personality, decisive, organized, empathetic, inquisitive and above all, have a strong sense of Ethics. Apart from this, Tour Leaders must know what needs to be done before departure, before boarding, on-board, on-arrival and at the end of the tour.



NATAS Tour Leader Registry


The Tour Leader Registry was officially launched on 27th August 2002. The objective of the Tour Leader Registry is to provide recognition to Outbound Tour Leaders who are trained and qualified personnel capable of delivering services that fulfill or exceed the expectations of their customers.  

NATAS Tour Leaders are each given a personalized NATAS Tour Leader badge. You can expect destination updates and briefing sessions from the Singapore based National Tourists Organisations and receive a copy of the NATAS Quarterly newsletter.


For New Applicants

Effective 1 Oct 2012, to be accepted into the Registry, all applicants are required to attend a comprehensive training programme conducted by the Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS). The course fee will be borne by the applicant. For more information on the Professional Tour Leading Course, kindly contact TMIS at Tel: 6238-8688 or email:

Upon successful completion of the Professional Tour Leading Course, you may enrol to be a NATAS Registered Tour Leader. The registration fee is S$100 (inclusive of GST) for 2 years. 


For Existing Tour Leaders in the NATAS Tour Leader Registry

Effective 1 January 2013, all tour leaders who wish to renew their badges are required to attend the Professional Tour Leading Course conducted by TMIS. Those who have already attended the course previously will need to submit the Certificate to NATAS upon their renewal.

If you intend to renew your badge, we strongly encourage you to make prior arrangement to attend the course before the expiry of your tour leader badge. The course fee will be borne by the applicant. For more information on the Professional Tour Leading Course, kindly contact TMIS at Tel: 6238-8688 or email:

The Renewal Fee is at S$100 (inclusive of GST) for 2 years.  



*Payment should be made in cash or cheque. All cheques should be crossed and made payable to "NATAS" and sent to the address below.

National Association of Travel Agents Singapore
120 Lower Delta Road, Cendex Centre #03-16, Singapore 169208

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