The National Association of Travel Agents Singapore, also known as NATAS, was founded in May 1979. Prior to the formation of NATAS, the following associations were in place:

1958 to 1967
Singapore Travel Agents Association (STAA).

1967 to 1978
STAA was changed to ATTA (Association of Travel & Tourism Association) perceived to represent IATA members only.

1970 to 1979
A new association, Singapore Society of Travel Agents (SSTA) was formed, to represent the non-IATA members.

In 1978, there was a growing consciousness among members of both associations that there should be only one united body to represent all licensed travel agents, irrespective of their type of operations. Subsequently, talks among the officials of both associations aimed at realising this objective took place, resulting in ATTA changing its name to TAAS (Travel Agents Association of Singapore) in order to pave the way for a united association.

1979 to Present

To attain the same objective, TAAS invited SSTA to transfer all their membership to TAAS. In March 1979, TAAS finally changed its name to the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore, as the national body to represent all travel agents in Singapore.

This move proved to be in the right direction, as amongst the many advantages; a single travel agents association eliminated duplication of efforts; achieved a stronger voice in the travel industry; provided better co-ordination in its approach to government bodies; and projected a better image of the travel trade overseas.